Waite-Heindel Environmental Management (WHEM) is an environmental consulting firm in Burlington, Vermont.  WHEM was formed in 2012 when Waite Environmental Management (WEM; established in 2003) was joined by Craig Heindel, CPG, Senior Hydrogeologist, and two staff scientists from Heindel & Noyes (H&N; established in 1980) of Burlington, Vermont.  This new firm combines the talents and diverse consulting experience of two well-established Vermont consulting firms that had offered a variety of professional disciplines for more than three decades to engineers, municipalities, lending institutions, law firms, realty agencies, residential and commercial property owners, and general industry.   



WHEM takes pride in having the ability to suit a wide range of environmental needs, from permitting a subdivision for a residential property owner, to conducting a Brownfield site assessment for a municipality.  WHEM is dedicated to providing a personalized and high quality of service.  Our small size and broad experience allows us to efficiently satisfy the needs of a diverse clientele.  No project is too big or too small for WHEM.